Tough Walls

Tough Walls is engineered to deliver good washability and stain resistance. With easy application and excellent hide, Tough Walls is ideal for high-traffic areas and dries to a smooth, long-lasting finish. Available in four acrylic sheens to choose from—and one alkyd formula—the Tough Walls line includes solutions for all your interior painting needs.

Super Kote 5000®

Super Kote 5000 is designed for commercial projects—when getting the job done quickly is a priority. With low spatter and easy application, this premium-quality, vinyl-acrylic formula delivers dependable quality and productivity.

Tough Walls Alkyd Semi-Gloss

Tough Walls Alkyd Semi-Gloss forms a hard, durable finish that is ideal for trim, kitchens, bathrooms, and other high-traffic areas that require frequent washing.

Super Kote 3000 (930)

Super Kote 3000 (930) is formulated to provide the necessary balance between performance and value, delivering good hide and a durable, washable finish. Ideal for new work or re-paints, including commercial, residential, and new construction projects.

Final Touch 62

Coronado FinalTouch is formulated to provide perfect touch-up and final finishing for all interior new construction wall surfaces. After spray and back-roll of your final finish coat, FinalTouch is designed to feather smoothly with a fine nap roller to provide invisible touch-ups. It is an ideal flat coating for new construction, general maintenance, apartments and budget minded consumers.

Super Kote 1000

Super Kote 1000 is a quality-grade, vinyl-latex paint with low VOCs that provides good dry hide on interior wall surfaces. Not intended for areas that require frequent washing, this value-maintenance finish is ideal for rental properties and commercial sites.

Cabinet Coat (CC-4500)

Cabinet Coat is the ultimate finish for refurbishing kitchen and bathroom cabinets, shelving, furniture, trim, and crown molding. Delivers an ultra-smooth, factory-like finish with long-lasting beauty. Adheres to "hard-to-stick" surfaces, including polyurethane and varnish, without a primer.

Lenmar Aqua-Plastic 1WB.14XX

Clear waterborne urethane for interior use on trim, furniture, doors and cabinets. Not recommended for floors.

Super Kote 3000 (948)

Super Kote 3000 Primer is a low-odor, easy-to-apply primer optimized for high productivity jobs. Super Kote 3000 is ideal for use in rental properties. This high-hiding, fast-drying primer provides a strong foundation for interior drywall and cured plaster and can be top-coated with latex or oil-based paint.

Super Kote Block Filler 958

Super Kote 5000 Block Filler is designed specifically for spray application to fill voids and create a smooth, uniform surface on interior masonry block. It is packaged at a sprayable viscosity and is formulated with raw materials selected to minimize tip clogging. Super Kote 5000 Block Filler can also be applied by brush or roller.

Super Kote Alkyd Dry Fall

Super Kote 5000 Dry Fall Coatings are designed for spray application to interior ceilings, walls, and structural members in commercial and institutional buildings. The overspray dries to a dust before reaching the floor.


Cryli Cote 100% Acrylic House Paint (10,410,2)

Cryli Cote is a 100% acrylic exterior coating for new or previously painted surfaces in good condition. It creates a durable finish with superb color retention and dependable resistance to mildew and blistering.

Super Kote 5000® Exterior (801, 803, 804)

Super Kote 5000 Exterior is designed to cover fully and dry quickly while leaving lasting protection against weathering. Formerly known as Supreme House Paint, Super Kote 5000 Exterior delivers outstanding commercial service.

B2000 Maxum Acrylic Solid Color Siding Stain

MAXUM®2 100% Acrylic Solid Color Siding Stain will provide a fade resistant finish that will enhance the beauty and appearance of the wood substrate. The ideal coating for new or previously coated wood. MAXUM®2 is formulated with 100% Acrylic polymers, which along with the rich pigmentation, provides outstanding protection to exterior wood.

B7600 Maxum Semi-Transparent Deck and Siding Stain

MAXUM® 7600 SERIES SEMI-TRANSPARENT DECK & SIDING STAIN is an modified alkyd formulated wood stain designed for use on all types of exterior wood substrates.  Formulated with advanced waterborne alkyd technology, it combines the penetrating performance of a solvent borne alkyd wih the ease of a waterborne system.

Elastite® 100% Acrylic Elastomeric Coating

Elastite 100% Acrylic Elastomeric Coating is designed to keep damaging water and moisture vapors out of commercial and residential structures. It creates a flexible waterproofing membrane that prohibits wind-driven rain from entering through the coating film. Elastite 100% Acrylic Elastomeric Coating cures harder than traditional elastomeric coatings on the outermost surface, giving this product much better resistance to dirt accumulation compared to traditional elastomerics. Yet it remains flexible beneath the surface, bridging cracks and moving with the building.


Rust Scat® Polyurethane Enamel (31,13,651)

Rust Scat Polyurethane Enamel is a rust-preventative coating that delivers exceptional hardness and durability. Formulated with a urethane-modified alkyd resin, it can be applied to interior or exterior ferrous or non-ferrous metals. (Not intended for use over galvanized metal.)

Rust Scat® Waterborne Acrylic Enamel (80,90)

Rust Scat Waterborne Acrylic Enamel is suitable for interior or exterior use. Engineered for metal surfaces, it also adheres to primed masonry, drywall, and wood. It has tenacious adhesion and provides excellent color and gloss retention.

Tough Shield® Floor and Patio Coating (TS-3000)

Tough Shield Floor and Patio Coating is a waterborne, acrylic enamel designed to produce a rugged, durable finish with good abrasion resistance. For use on interior and exterior floors and patios and a variety of other substrates.

TuffCrete® Solvent Acrylic Concrete Waterproofing Sealer (CST-5000)

TuffCrete Solvent Acrylic Waterproofing Concrete Stain is a solvent-borne acrylic concrete stain designed for deep penetration into concrete surfaces. With excellent adhesion, this product delivers outstanding durability in a low-sheen, matte finish that helps to hide surface defects.

Sure Step® Acrylic Anti-Slip (SU-0XXX)

Sure Step Acrylic Anti-Slip Coating provides a durable, skid-resistant finish for interior or exterior application. Imparts excellent color retention, abrasion resistance, and resistance to ponding water. Sure Step is water-reduced which allows for fast drying, easy application, and easy clean up.

Alkyd Urethane Enamel —Gloss (V200)

Alkyd Urethane Enamel – Gloss is a urethane modified alkyd gloss enamel formulated for heavy duty applications in exterior and interior industrial surfaces. The urethane modification surpasses the performance of straight alkyd formulations in exterior exposures.

Rapid Dry Alkyd Enamel (V220)

Rapid Dry Alkyd Enamel is a high performance, quick dry, rust preventative shop enamel formulated for use on ferrous metal substrates. Rapid Dry Alkyd Enamel can be used in shop application facilities in the fabrication market. Also ideal for use in the industrial refurbishment market as an implement, dumpster, machinery, or construction enamel.

Polyamide Epoxy (V400)

Polyamide Epoxy is designed for use in food and beverage processing, industrial maintenance, general metal finishing and fabrication, chemical processing, industrial and commercial flooring and other areas requiring maximum impact and abrasion resistance.

Waterborne Amine Epoxy (V440)

Waterborne Amine Epoxy is formulated to provide superior chemical, abrasion and impact resistance. The highly cross-linked film provides years of service in industrial and commercial applications and is particularly suited for use on concrete floors subjected to severe service conditions.

Alkyd Fabrication Primer (V140)

Alkyd Fabrication Primer is formulated for use in mild-to-moderate exposures. Its excellent wetting properties allow application to marginally prepared surfaces. Formulated to inhibit corrosion, this primer provides years of protection when applied properly. It can be top coated with most finishes that do not contain strong solvents (such as Ketones, Xylene, and Toluene).

Rust Arrestor (V180)

Rust Arrestor is a water-based, film-forming primer that chemically transforms rust, halting the corrosion process and enabling the surface to accept a topcoat. When applied over tightly adhering rust, it forms a black, protective film.

Lead Block® (EC-3210)

Lead Block is a water-based elastomeric acrylic coating with excellent adhesion, elongation, and tensile strength characteristics. When applied to surfaces bearing lead-containing paint, this product will seal in the lead paint with a thick, elastic membrane sheathing.

Epoxy Thinner (V704)

Epoxy Thinner is a carefully balanced combination of the proper solvents for reducing catalyzed epoxy primers and finish coats.

Prep All Universal Metal Primer (v132)

Prep All Universal Metal Primer is an economical, single-component primer specifically engineered for direct application to ferrous metal surfaces subjected to mildly corrosive exposures. This quick-drying, rust-inhibitive formula provides fast production times and years of protection against corrosion. Formulated for air spraying, it can also be applied by airless and HVLP sprayers, brushes, or rollers.

Freezer Kote (FK-1310)

Freezer Kote is a high-gloss, rust inhibiting coating designed for application in sub-freezing temperatures. Freezer Kote is an alcohol-based formula that dries quickly and delivers a high-gloss finish. Available in white and safety yellow.

Fire Retardant Paint (LFR-110)

Fire Retardant Paint expands and forms a thick cellular char blanket, called in-tumescence, when attacked by flame. This latex paint retards flame spread, minimizes smoke development, and applies like a conventional latex flat paint.

Waterborne Swimming Pool Paint, Semi Gloss (WR-10XX)

Waterborne Swimming Pool Paint is a low-VOC coating that can be applied to slightly damp surfaces, dries quickly for re-coating, and withstands continuous submersion in fresh or salt water. Use Waterborne Swimming Pool Paint over most types of properly prepared existing pool paints, as well as bare concrete or plaster, marcite, gunite, and other masonry surfaces in sound condition.

Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint (CR-2600)

Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint is a chlorinated rubber coating for new or old in-ground masonry pools. It provides excellent chemical resistance and is durable in fresh or salt water, and also acceptable for use in chlorinated pools.